” Truly, the greatest gift we have to give is that of our own transformation”


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Coaching depends on a great client-coach fit.

There are so many reasons why I love coaching. I feel humble to be chosen to be apart of someone’s transformation. It is a privilege to be part of their journey, I love seeing them discover themselves all over again. My clients inspire me every day with their resilience, will power and determination. I learn just as much from my clients as they learn from me. Being apart of their transformational process is always an honor.

andria m.

I think Gillian came into my life at a time when I needed it. Coaching with Gillian has been a very powerful and amazing experience. Each session was held around my schedule in a timely and professional manner.Having someone present to listen to what you are thinking and feeling someone to guide and keep you accountable was great. Additionally, weekly action steps were put in place to basically keep me on track.She equipped me with nutritional facts along with other tools I needed to deal with the challenges I had been facing.I will be honest, initially, I struggled because I failed to follow her instructions, however as soon as I corrected that mistake I saw results.At the end 90-Days program I was able to meet all the goals I had set for myself.Moving forward I will continue to use all that I have learned from this 90-day Program.I would highly recommend doing this program with Coach Gillian

andrea T.

I started my 90 day journey with Gillian because I felt stagnant with no clear sense of direction in my life. I also felt like my life was disorganized and chaotic. One could not tell this from the outside looking on(or so I thought).  As I went through the 90 day program, I came to realize that the thoughts I had about myself and my life were so far removed from the truth…totally inaccurate. I honestly didn’t think that the program could have impacted my life in such a profound way, but I just said to myself,  it’s quite obvious to me that I need some kind of help, so what do I have to lose by trying the program?. I did think that I might learn some new habits, that’s all. Thankfully, I was aware of the “21/90 rule that states it takes 21 days to form a habit and 90 days to make it a permanent llifestyle change” I’m so grateful that I had that bit of knowledge, because I would not have started my 90 day journey.Needless to say, I had no idea that after 90 days, I would have gained a new perspective on my entire life…what a gift!!!. 

There’s really no price tag that can compensate for all of the tools and profound insight that I’ve gained during these 90 days. I’ve always thought of myself as “a hard nut to crack” so to my surprise, Gillian was able to open my eyes to, Reality and True Self Value. During my 90 day journey, I’ve come to realize that all of which I thought I didn’t have, was right here all along. I just didn’t see it. Wow!!! I cannot begin to express how enlightening it was for me to gain this awareness about myself and my life. I’ve learned that my life’s challenges existed in order to mold me into the person that I am today… I believe  that I’m a kind, compassionate and caring human being… so today,, I’m grateful for those challenges.  I’ve also learned that I am deserving of all things good, so there’s no need to self sabotage anymore. Honestly, there are no words to sum it all up because, all that I have gained goes way beyond these gifts that I have tried to articulate. Today was the last session of my 90 day journey with Gillian and I’m so convinced that I have a lot of valuable tools to move forward, not only in a totally different light, but also, with a totally different mind set. Words truly can’ not express my gratitude for this program. I have gain CLARITY,  APPRECIATION FOR MYSEF, AWARENESS and ENLIGHTENMENT.  etc, etc, etc.  In a nut shell…I’m still who I am, but I’m forever changed…

vanessa r.

When Gillian invited me for a Discovery Session I must admit I was a bit hesitant. I had never had coaching before and I didn’t know what to expect. However, after the Discovery session I was curious to see if this program would yield results.During the 90-Days Program Gillian gave me the tools I needed to meet the goals I had set for myself. She kept me motivated and accountable with action steps. It was great to have someone to hold my hand when I needed it and someone to also kick me in the butt when that was also needed .I am more confident in my food choices and loving myself and my body more.I am now equipped with curated nutritional information that will help me to stay healthy long after I have completed this program.

michelle b.

Kudos to Coach Gillian!!!! While Google is a good for obtaining information, a coach is best for transformation. You see a coach is able to understand you and your unique problem ands individualize your treatment to match your specific goal. That is what Gillian did for me. She listened to my health challenge and individualized a plan and guided me through it. Now I am feeling so much better and grateful having taken the plunge. Thank you coach and friend.

niceno l.

Even though I’m feeling nervous, I love and accept myself fully and completely. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) was introduced to me by health and life coach Gillian Wyles Ravn for my anxiety. It works by tapping different points on your body to stimulate energy. This healing tool helps with “anxiety, headache”. In a nutshell it’s a tool that can take you from feeling bad to pretty good. In December 2019, I experienced one of the worst trauma that I am slowly getting over with the help.

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